Antioxidants Sources and Their Uses

How antioxidant treatments slow down the aging process

It is a reality known for a long time that foods containing large amount of antioxidants reduce the rate of aging. It was known and practices even before the term anti oxidants was introduced. Chinese people suggested these foods for treatment of diseases, energy and vitality of the body.

It also improved metabolism, growth and overall health of the body. These foods with some herbal products are also used by Indians, Brazilians and Peruvians. Almost all plants contain sterols that are useful in metabolism. The plants containing large amount of antioxidants are those which contain amino acid, fatty acids and omega 3, 6, 9.

Foods containing large amount of resveratrol and glutathione are also among the category. Antioxidants in the food provide protection against free radicals and toxins. They thus protect the body cells from being damaged and so help our body to work well against diseases.

Antioxidants work because its molecules slow down in some cases, and in some situations avoid the oxidation of other molecules. Anti-aging treatment product that contain anti oxidants often are available in the form of tablets, energy drinks, capsules, and food supplements.

Oxidation, apart from being important of life, can be in some cases, damaging. Both animals and plants have a high level of complex anti-oxidant systems. Most of these are extracted from plants as sterols and enzymes. The examples are superoxide dismutase, catalase and other peroxides. Vitamin C and vitamin E are, however the most commonly and easily available antioxidants.

One of the primary reasons for the deficiency of antioxidants is tiredness and stress. Improper food, environment and pollution are also among the reasons. The results are oxidative stress and finally killing of the body cells. Apart from its use as anti-aging treatment, antioxidants are also helpful against illness and diseases.

Some antioxidants are recognized to be supportive in preventing diseases such as, development of certain cancer cells, heart ailments, diabetes, and many other maladies. This is why foods with high antioxidant content are desirable.

As far as foods with high concentration of antioxidants are concerned the good examples are grapes, coffee and berries. Grapes used in red wine, has an impressive amount of antioxidants present in it, though wine has some bad consequences for the heath. Coffee in another drink that has got antioxidants in excess.

The acai berry of Brazil is also widely known to continan large concentration of anti oxidant properties,but unluckily, it is not used anywhere in the rest of the world except Brazil.

Besides their use as an anti-aging treatment agent, because of its ability to preserve cells, antioxidants have also their wide use as preservatives in food and ceramics. Also in industries, they are used, where preservation of degradation is important.