Kollagen Intensiv Means Intensiv Repair!

Deep conditioning skin cream for all skin types

Kollagen Intensiv is a revolutionary new product that has finally been revealed to the public, after ages of being recommended to movie stars and pop icons, by their stylists. Kollagen Intensiv, as the name goes, is an intensive, deep conditioning skin cream that works on all skin types, even dry and damaged skin, and restores its original youthful and healthy appearance. And you get to see dramatic results and a life changing appearance- all without having to resort to expensive collagen filler or Botox injections, several times, at a fraction of the cost!

The prime ingredient in Kollagen Intensiv is collagen, a filamentous protein substance that is essential for the structural framework of the skin. Collagen is present both inside the skin cells, as well in the matrix holding the skin cells together. When skin is exposed to damage, radiation from the sun, pollution, dry air, as we all are every day, it gradually loses its moisture, and the nutrients get depleted. This is why skin becomes loose, flaccid, and wrinkles and creases develop, adding to the tired and aged look that we prematurely suffer.

Kollagen Intensiv’s intensive formula replenishes the skin and rehydrates it, making it overall healthier. The collagen fills the skin out, preventing it from sagging, filling the wrinkles and the creases out. It improves the skin framework and binds the cell junctions tighter, so that wide open pores disappear, preventing blackheads and whiteheads from developing, preventing pimples and doirt and pollutants cannot infiltrate the skin anymore.

And it has so many other rich addictives like added vitamins, micronutrients, minerals, essential oils and minor enzymes. All of these ingredients break down pigment accumulation that is dark spots, even out complexion, clear your skin, and lock the moisture in so that the atmosphere cannot steal it- and all the while, still nourishing your skin, providing available nutrients and building p the skin’s reserves of moisture and energy, while the vitamins and trace minerals regularize cell cycles, so that it glows from within. Kollagen Intensiv is a collagen renewal system not just for younger skin on regular use, but for ageless skin!