Affects of Hormonal Iimbalance Regarding Anti-Aging

Tackling hormonal imbalance and their pros and cons

Hormonal imbalance means that there is a fluctuation of hormones which affects the entire body. It leads to mood swings, infertility, as well as low libido. Hormonal balance is most important in women as their body should have the right balance of estrogens, androgens and testosterone. This group will help improve vitality and tone the skin, muscles as well as boost energy.

Due to the importance of hormonal balance in women, pharmaceutical companies have developed many products to help restore the balance of hormones in the female body. However, taking synthetic hormones is the not the ideal solution and should not be opted for. Also, conventional Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) treatments have also been said to cause side effects.

DHEA treatments are an interesting option as they are said to improve episodic memory in patients, as well as control depression and decrease cortisol levels. Moreover, DHEA is also beneficial in muscle building for athletes and are used in performance enhancing drugs. Moreover, DHEA treatments also help to restore oxidative balance of sufferers of diabetes. However, the con of DHEA treatment is the occurrence of breast and ovarian cancer as well as coronary heart disease and blood clotting in patients.

⦁ Lifetsyle change

Stress makes a person look older and also causes hormonal imbalance. Efforts should be made to reduce stress as well as dietary changes should be made. Include maca, rice, yams, oats, soy, cherries and also wheat in your diet.

⦁ Alternative medicine

Old practices are again becoming popular. They are very effective and have been proven over the years to be safe and natural. Herbal remedies top the list of alternative medicine which brings back hormonal balance in one’s body. Herbal medicines with herbs such as black cohosh and dong quai have proven to be most fruitful. Herbal remedies are also least expensive as well as safest.

⦁ Acupuncture method

The second on the list of alternative medicine is acupuncture that is a method which hunts for energy pathways in the body by inserting sterile needles.

⦁ Drugs and surgery

Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) is very common but also has many side effects. Hence, it should be carried out as a last resort. Ideally, if all 3 techniques are applied in combination, it may prove to be successful.