Scientifically approved anti-aging methods and treatments

Other medication therapies available that can be helpful

Anti-aging existed since centuries and the pursuit for anti aging is not new. The first record of anti-aging was recorded in ancient Egypt when potions were developed using olives and other herbs to enhance beauty and give younger looking skin. However, it is safe to say that anti aging remedies have been developing since way longer than that.

In cultures like India and China, it is a common norm to simply change eating habits why eating specific types of fruits and drinks to promote healthier and younger looking skin. The principles of the past and present are similar, but the methods in the present have been altered due to technology and the availability of research.

Hence, it is clear that anti-aging treatments have a very long history which has been improved in the current time and age. Currently, the scientifically approved anti-aging methods consist of the following:

⦁ Anti-agers

Anti-agers example can be caloric restriction mimetic which involves the administration of CRM influences that causes cell repair or cell deaths. Melatonins are used to activate melatonin receptors and they are powerful anti oxidants.

⦁ Antiglycators

A proper example of antiglycator is Carnosine that contains anti oxidants and also boosts energy. However, excessive dosage of antigylcator can result in hyperactivity. Other than Carnoise, some good antigylcators are tenisletam, aminoguanadine and agebrium.

⦁ Antioxidants

Food containing resveratol, co-enzyme Q10 and also glutathione plus vitamins are a good source of antioxidants.

⦁ Complementary treatments

Natural methods are also effective that use plants and herbs which can protect against particular diseases. Complimentary treatments that use natural methods are also a good anti-aging therapy. Plus, it is natural, cheap and has the least side effects.

⦁ Cosmetics and Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetics alters and repairs skin and body defects that are caused due to aging, accident or even heredity. The list of treatments being offered is very extensive, some of which include scar removal, botox, collagen treatments, lip repair, breast enlargement, etc. The sole objective of cosmetics is to repair and recapture the fullness youthfulness of the body and skin.

⦁ Hormonal treatments

Some anti-aging treatments involve taking bio-identical hormones like DHEA. Androgens, growth hormones, estrogens and even testosterone comes in this category and it gives the body vigor, improved muscle tone and heightened sexual activity.

⦁ Stem cell treatment

Some therapies using stem cells and immune therapy are also a way to combat anti-aging.

⦁ Changing your lifestyle

Changing your lifestyle and reducing stress in it, while at the same time increasing exercise, controlling carbs and sugar and health education can also be very beneficial.

⦁ Methylators

Methylators are used to enhance memory.

⦁ Nootropics

These anti-aging treatments help to enhance memory as well as cognitive ability. They are also known as study enhancers and smart drugs. Nootropics can also be obtained from certain plants, fruits and herbs such as ginkgo biloba, centrophenoxine, memantine, as well as piracetam and bacopa.

⦁ Technological advancements

In today’s world, anti-aging treatments are linked to genetics, technology as well as nano technology.

The list does not end here. There are medication therapies that can be targetted at specific illnesses and defects. However, they are highly specialized treatments. Every approach is made keeping in mind one motive, to slow down the effects of aging on people and improve their quality of life.