Anti-Aging, Dull Skin & Its Causes

Anti-aging treatments for dull skins

If you have dull skin, no matter how pretty features you have, you will always look aged. In addition to hereditary causes, there are many different reasons of dull skin including unhealthy life style, diet, misuse or unnecessary application of the anti-aging products or medication. Dull skin can be due to the genetic factor but if we keep that aside, here are few of the treatments for the treating dull skin problems.

Causes of dull skin: though dull skin can be caused by aging but main cause of dull skin is the slowing down of the skin regeneration process which can also be caused due to stress and fatigue. Similarly, drinking, smoking, excessive exposure to sunlight, lack of important nutrients, vitamins, illness and slow circulation of blood are causes of dull skin.

Drinking lots of fluids: our bodies are largely composed of water. Lots of water is expelled from our body in form of sweat and urine from our body. Therefore, we need plenty of it to keep it hydrated for proper working, so drink lots of water and other fluids like fresh juices.

Choosing the diet: Diet that is rich in amino and fatty acids such as nuts, berries etc. aids in restoring the skin’s glow. Sometimes the dull skin is an indication that your body has a deficiency of fats and essential oils.

Moisturizing your skin: If you apply makeup before proper moisturizing your skin, it will make it dull especially when you are applying a makeup with yellow base. Therefore, avoid it.

Exercising: you can make your skin look much better and radiant by living a healthy and lively life style. Do regular exercise because sweating clean the pores of the skin by removing the trapped dirt and even the layer of dead skin and exercise cause stimulation of oil glands. This causes the rejuvenation of the skin and gives a healthy look to it.

Exfoliation: Our skin naturally replenish on yearly basis, but why we should wait for that long. Exfoliate your skin at least twice a week. If you do not exfoliate on regular basis, it will cause an accumulation of dead cells which will clog the skin pores trapping the dirt leading towards black heads, dull skin, pimples, and uneven texture of skin which gives dull and aging look to your skin.

Massaging: it is important to massage your skin as it improves the circulation of blood which gives maximum benefit to the facial muscles. So it is important to massage your face with the massaging good quality facial creams and oils which will not only improve your complexion but will also cause tightness in facial muscles and improvement in the unseeing fleshiness.

Dermabrasion and Microdermabrasion: both of these treatments are good for brightening up the complexion. These are not the exfoliating treatments in fact it contain the crystals of aluminum oxide which removes and clean the dirt and dead cells on the surface of the skin and makes it look refreshing and youthful.

Take steam: take steam once a week as it is a very effective method to remove the deep dirt and loosen the debris which has imbedded into the skin. The pores of the skin open which allow cleaning of the toxins and makeup that has not been properly removed from the skin.

Use brightening face masks: these masks work very well to correct the pigmentation irregularities and prevent decolonization which gives a bright, even tone and glow to the skin.