Aging ad for grey hair problems

Methods to solve the grey hair problems

Apart from wrinkles, dryness, sagging, roughness and hardness of the skin, one of the most obvious sign of looking aged is graying hair. The worst thing is that it affects men and women in the same way and can appear in any age. This is probably the reason why hair dyes are used much more, and they came long before many anti-aging treatments were available.

With the rapid growth of science and information, grey hair, today is not such a big issue. Hair treatment dyes are not the only solution, but there are several ways and procedures that can follow to solve the problem. Treatment of grey hair can be summarized in the following methods.

Cosmetic Treatments

Hair dying is probably the most commons, convenient, and popular method to treat grey hair. Hair dyes are manufactures such that the molecules could enter the hair cuticles without damaging them. While most hair dyes use chemicals in their composition, ammonia is the simplest and basic ingredient. There are also dyes with vegetable colors for those who feel worry applying chemicals to their hair. Sega and henna are the most appropriate examples.

Medical Treatments

The amount of melanin present in our body has a direct connection with the color of our hair. It also determines the skin color and his response when he is exposed to sun. The production of melanin slows down as the age increased.

Now the purpose of medical treatment is to maintain the natural production of melanin and to enhance the process. Drugs used for this purpose include Imatinib Mesylate, Auxins, and Gleever. These treatments can be used only by recommendation of authorized medical person, as they can cause side effects.

Application of Topical Nutrients

There are some universally accepted, old and traditional methods and techniques that are tested and proven through times. Some of them are listed below:

Eugenol Oil: eugenol oils have their active ingredients in cloves. They are popular and have demonstrated to bring back the vitality, strength, color and dolor of the hair.

Amla oil: it is also used for a long time and strengthens follicles of the hair. Also it improves hair growth and improves color and vitality.

Ligustrum: it has been used by Chinese for a long time against graying hair.

Ashwagandha: it increases melanin, treating grey hair and gives back the original color.

Superoxide Dismutase: they are compounds present in hair gels and work against graying. Shampoos with Omega-3 – Omega 3 are anti-oxidants that work against deterioration of the cells. Omega-3 provides food to the hair follicle to prevent against premature graying.

Melanin: it cna also be applied topically in the scalp.

Retin A: when combined with alpha-hydroxyl acid are powerful agents that give back the hairs natural color.

Several nutrients are available for hair problems that can be taken orally. They can be used in combination of other drugs or can be treated as the main drugs. Capsules and tablets of such nutrients are available. Some of these are minerals, Biotin, vitamin 12, Aminobenzoic Acid, folic acid, Para , and Inositol.